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Janet Salem: USHJA Certified Trainer

Janet Salem is a native Atlantan. She and her sister, veterinarian Susan Wynn, got their first “free” horse in 1969. Her parents were sure the appeal would quickly die. That was not the case. Janet pursued her passion for horses throughout her childhood, riding at the original Chastain Stables and Huntcliff Stables and showing at the venues of the day, including the newly constructed Wills Park. After finishing college with a major in History and a minor in Education and becoming a mother to daughter, Lauren Hulen, she became a professional in 1987, establishing Patchwork Farm in Woodstock, GA.

Janet Salem
Janet Salem

Not only is Janet a USHJA Certified instructor; she is a lifetime student of riding and horsemanship. Not only does she board horses at Patchwork Farm; she has been a boarder at various farms and appreciates her clients’ priorities where their horses are concerned. Janet’s lifelong passion for horsemanship is evidenced in the program which has evolved over her many years “in the business.” Patchwork Farm is a happy and healthy place for both humans and horses.

Janet is proud to show off both horses and riders at Local and “A” rated shows. The show ring successes of Patchwork Farm students are evidence of the care and individual attention given to her clients and their horses. Patchwork Farm students have won year-end awards at the state and national levels, from Short Stirrup, Pony Hunters, Children’s Hunters to Junior Hunters. Her riders have won the GHJA Pony Equitation Final, and the JD Pounds Equitation Finals trophy has gone home with a Patchwork Farm rider for the last two years. She has had top 10 riders in the USEF Pony Medal Finals, has qualified Junior Riders for the Maclay Regionals and Harrisburg and has qualified horses for the Devon Horse Show. Two of our riders have received college scholarships to ride for NCAA riding teams.

Lauren Hulen Kissel: Rider/ USHJA Certified Trainer

PWF is proud to have Lauren Hulen Kissel on our full-time staff.  Lauren serves as our Professional Rider and Trainer.  She brings years of successful riding and training experience to our team as evidenced by her show ring accomplishments on ponies and horses which she trained from scratch.  Awards include numerous championships and year end awards on her equine partners Yankee Doodle (2 time GHJA small pony champion), Texas Pete (GHJA Medium Pony Champion, GHJA 11 and under Equitation Champion, 11th USEF National Medal Finals), Millpond Showtime (GHJA Large Pony Champion, 12-14 Equitation Champion, Ribbon Winner National Pony Finals, GHJA Pony Medal Finals Winner) and Van Gogh (2 time GHJA Regular Junior Hunter Champion, 2nd Zone 4 Junior Hunter Champion, Ribbon Winner National Junior Hunter Finals,  Qualified Harrisburg USEF Final, GHJA Adult Medal Finals Winner, Stacey Ann Boe Equitation Finals Winner).  Lauren also borrowed Kelli Sherrill's High Five to win the JD Pounds Medal Final.  To date, Lauren is the only GHJA member to win all of the coveted GHJA Equitaton Finals: Pony Equitation, JD Pounds Equitation, Adult Equitation and Stacey Ann Boe Equitation Finals.

Lauren Kissel with Vivienne Noel after the Leadline class
Lauren Hulen Kissel 

Lauren also had a very successful two years on the NCAA Auburn Equestrian team, contributing to the team's 2006 NCAA Varsity Equestrian National Championship win. She is happy to talk with any young rider aspiring to be on a NCAA Equestrian team about her experiences.

Lauren's professional accomplishments include a blue ribbon at Devon in '09 in the First Year Green Working Hunter Division riding Janet Salem's "Water Music". This horse is a product of the Patchwork Farm training program from his first jump to his current successful record through the Pre-Greens, First Year Greens, Second Year Greens and on to be an Children's and Junior Hunter. Lauren continues to have a presence in the professional divisions at shows in Zone IV and National Finals such as The Devon Horse Show, PA National Horse Show, and Washington International Horse Show.

Lauren's training philosophy is the perfect fit for Patchwork Farm:  Careful, Classical and Kind training which produces confident horses, sound in both mind and body.  We're very excited to have Lauren's training talents and formidable show ring abilities on the Patchwork Farm team.

Lauren Hulen Kissel is an assistant trainer at Patchwork Farm

Morgan Connely- Asst Rider and Academy Instructor

Morgan has been riding since she was a little girl and has always had a strong passion for the animal training world. Riding and showing on the local and AA circuit growing up, she has shown in every division from the Small Pony Hunters to the Large Juniors, Big Eq and jumpers and she always knew she wanted to become a professional one day. She studied Psychology at Kennesaw State University and before coming to Patchwork Farm, she taught at and rode for several barns in the local area. Morgan has a passion for young and nervous horses where she is really able to apply valuable training principles. She has also worked at SeaWorld and Gulf World in Florida where she trained a wide variety of marine life and birds. She enjoys teaching students of all ages from as young as 5, all the way up to grandparents. Teaching students about training, proper horsemanship and life principles are why Morgan loves teaching so much. She has several pets including cats, 2 parrots, and her own personal show pony “Majority Rules” has joined our lesson team with her.

Morgan Connely

Morgan Connely

Aimee Gahl- Academy Instructor

Aimee began her riding career as a hunt seat rider but has explored different disciplines as well, giving her a broad base of horsemanship. She loves passing on her knowledge and has been helping riders to grow their understanding of correct riding and horsemanship for 15 years. Mother to a fledgling rider, Elise, she runs her own small boarding operation in Cumming, GA where she also teaches beginner lessons, trains a few "problem" horses and organizes pony parties for little ones. Aimee makes and sells beautiful custom Horse Show Bows in her spare time.

Patchwork Farm sought out Aimee after working with a new student that impressed us with her impeccable basics and horsemanship. We were in need of an Academy Instructor and these results spoke for themselves. We are so pleased to have Aimee and her unique talents on our team!

Aimee Gahl


Lulu Mann- Academy Instructor

Lulu started riding at 8 years old and she was a working student in the barn all the way through high school. She assisted the teachers with beginners, rode the school horses and every summer she taught riding as a camp counselor. Lulu has shown as an adult and then was a "Pony Mom" for her daughter, Ellie. While Lulu is an accountant at a school during the week, teaching beginners is her labor of love so she spends her weekends at the barn. She says " I thoroughly enjoy teaching people how to love horses" and we love having Lulu as on of our Academy instructors. 

Lulu Mann


Above: Janet and Quinn at Pony Finals










Below: Janet teaching Bella how to feed a carrot to Cookie







Lauren coaching in Brownland











Lauren Hulen